Alger County Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administrator / Emergency Management Steve Webber Administrator / Emergency Management swebber@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7029
Building Codes Joe Cilc Inspector jcilc@algercounty.gov (906)-387-2727
Circuit Court Hon. Brian Rahilly Judge circuitjudge@schoolcraftcounty.us (906)-341-3655
Clerk / Register of Deeds Mary Ann Froberg County Clerk / Register of Deeds mfroberg@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7036
Clerk Joel VandeVelde Chief Deputy Clerk jvandevelde@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7032
Register of Deeds Carmon Decet Chief Deputy Register of Deeds cdecet@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7034
Clerk Paula Perron Chief Deputy Circuit Court Clerk pmannisto@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7053
District Court Hon. Mark Luoma Judge districtjudge@schoolcraftcounty.us (906)-387-3879
District Court Lynne Maki Magistrate lmaki@algercounty.gov (906)-387-2941
District Court Betty Holbrook Deputy Clerk bstimac@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7026
Equalization Stephanie Pierson Equalization Clerk spierson@algercounty.gov (906)-387-2567
Friend of the Court Bruce Cranham Friend of the Court
Friend of the Court Kelly Knuttila Child Support Coordinator / Enforcement Officer algercountyfoc@yahoo.com (906)-387-7017
Friend of the Court Amy Richmond Deputy Friend of the Court algercountyfoc@yahoo.com (906)-387-4636
Building & Grounds Bryan Hill Maintenance Supervisor bhill@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7015
Building & Grounds Morgan Webber Custodian
Defending Attorney Jana Mathieu Defending Attorney jmathieu@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7071
Defending Attorney Rushford Brett Legal Assistant brushford@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7016
Probate Court Kristine Dausey Probate Register kdausey@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7044
Family Court Jamie Nebel Juvenile Officer jnebel@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7011
Probate Court Hon. Charles Nebel Judge
Circuit Court Probation William Schieding Probation Oversight schiedingw@michigan.gov (906)-387-7021
Prosecuting Attorney Robert Steinhoff Prosecuting Attorney
Prosecuting Attorney Kathleen Lindquist Administrative Assistant klindquist@algercounty.gov (906)-387-2117
Sheriff Todd Brock Sheriff tbrock@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7028
Sheriff Steve Blank Undersheriff sblank@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7022
Sheriff Matthew Waldron Captain mwaldron@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7027
Sheriff Sheila Peters Lieutenant / Emergency Management Deputy speters@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7023
Sheriff Samuel Grahovac Sergeant sgrahovac@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7066
Ambulance Santina Waldron Ambulance Coordinator swaldron@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7025
Veteran's Affairs Rebecca Johns Service Officer algervets@algercounty.gov (906)-387-1635
Alger Conservation District Teri Grout Executive Director teri.grout@macd.org (906)-387-2222
Alger Conservation District Christy Foye Conservation Program Coordinator christy.foye@macd.org (906)-387-7046
Board of Commissioners Jerry Doucette Chairman, Commissioner - District 4 jdoucette@algercounty.gov (906)-202-9151
Board of Commissioners Esley Mattson Vice-Chair, Commissioner - District 3 emattson@algercounty.gov (906)-202-3308
Board of Commissioners Cathy Pullen Commissioner - District 1 cpullen@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7048
Board of Commissioners Katherine Laing Commissioner - District 2 klaing@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7072
Board of Commissioners Mickey Rondeau Commissioner - District 5 mgrondeau46@gmail.com
Treasurer Darlene Dishong Chief Deputy Treasurer ddishong@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7014
Treasurer Amber Kleeman Deputy Treasurer akleeman@algercountygov._ (906)-387-7054
Treasurer Pamela Johnson County Treasurer pjohnson@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7013
Family Court Sara Charboneau Diversion Officer scharboneau@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7010
Treasurer Jamison Taylor Deputy Treasurer jtaylor@algercounty.gov (906)-387-7019