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We ask for your support for this Alger County Ambulance Millage for March 10th, 2020. Alger County has operated under the same millage amount for the past 40 years, with many advancements made since 1980, along with an increased call volume. Many of these advancements listed below include the upgrade to an Advance Life Support Service, addition of 4 transporting ambulances serving county-wide (including Grand Marais), along with 2 non-transporting ambulances. Please read the attached request and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you for your continued support for Alger County EMS.

  • Good stewards of the millage.  We will only levy what we need.  2019 was first year we levied entire 911 millage .5
  • Asking for a .85 increase.  Current millage is 1.0
  • Alger County has operated on the same 1 mill since 1980
  • 1980 to 2008 Alger Ambulance operated as a Basic Life Support service
  • 2008 started operating as an Advance Life Support / hired paramedic’s
  • 70-80% of our runs are to Marquette
  • We have approximately 1,200 runs a year
  • Currently have 4 full time paramedics with one as the coordinator and billing job duties and 2 part-time.  We operate 24 hours 365 days a year
  • 1 paramedic stays in the ambulance garage and awaits for the EMT to arrive (5-10 minutes)
  • With an increase in millage we would be able to hire 1 full-time paramedic and 2 full-time EMT’s.  This would mean the staff would consist of 1 paramedic and 1 EMT at the garage and allow for rapid response when dispatched on the busiest times
  • Alger County Ambulance Service has 2 non-transporting ambulances in Rock River Township and Mathias Township
  • Burt Township EMS is now under Alger County Ambulance license.  Grand Marais is 65 miles East and more of a vital need for 2nd crew
  • We were in the red in 2017 when I took office.  We cut shifts and went to minimal staffing.  The Advanced Life Support unit cannot operate properly on current funding
  • Cost of equipment, fuel, supplies and ambulances have increased greatly over the years
  • Advance Life Support saves lives.  In 2019 3 sets of lifesaving awards were given. 
  • Advance Life Support allows for continuous cardiac monitoring, advanced airways, the medical / trauma patients receive IV medications and pain management and allows for transport to the higher level of care throughout, and hospital to hospital transfers for patients requiring continuous medications
  • Rescue 21 is also funded under this millage (car extrications, marine emergencies, ice rescues, snowmobile extrications, search and rescue and dive team)
  • Hours of training for paramedic vs. EMT.  They both must have continuing education to renew license with the State of Michigan.  EMT’s are required 30 credits every 3 years with a Paramedic requiring 45 credits every 3 years along with having Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support every 2 years.

 Without the successful passing of the millage, the Advanced Life Support Service in Alger County will not be able to continue at the current level of care.    

Alger County Sheriff Todd W. Brock 

The mission of the Alger County Sheriff's Office is to protect and serve the citizens of Alger County, while enforcing the laws of the State of Michigan, with prompt patrol services and providing the highest level of EMS care to those in need.  911 dispatching services provide appropriate resources to all emergency calls, ensuring a timely response and emergency care to all citizens.  The Alger County Jail provides a humane, safe, and secure environment.  Dedication, Honor, and Integrity are our core principles!

Key Contacts:

Todd Brock
(906) 387-7028
Steve Blank
(906) 387-7022
Ambulance Coordinator / Administrative Assistant
Santina Waldron
Sheriff Brock           Undersheriff Blank      WALDRON, SANTINA
  • 1987 graduate of Munising High School
  • 1991 graduate of Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor's of Science degree majoring in Law Enforcement, Corrections, and a minor in Social Work
  • 1992 graduate of Delta Community Police Academy
  • Started employment with Alger County in 1991 working: Corrections, 911 dispatch, EMS, Community Corrections Coordinator, Road Patrol, D.A.R.E. instructor, School Resource Officer, Grant Coordinator, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Undersheriff
  • Elected Sheriff of Alger County November 2016
  • Married to Paula Brock
  • 3 children: Eric, Leanne, and Brent
  • 2 granddaughters: Natalie and Kelsey
  • Bay De Noc Community College Adjunct Instructor
  • 1986 graduate of Munising High School
  • Attended Northern Michigan University
  • Attended Delta Community Police Academy 1992
  • Hired with Munising City Police 1993
  • Started Employment with Alger County Sheriff Department in 1996
  • Corrections, 416 Road Patrol, Detective, Promoted to Undersheriff in November 2016
  • Married to Elizabeth Blank
  • 2 children: Garrett and Alec

  •  1988 Graduate of Munising High School
  • U.S. Navy Veteran
  • 1999 Started w/ Alger EMS as a Basic EMT
  • Hired in 2008 full time as a Paramedic
  • Administrative Assistant to Sheriff Brock & Undersheriff Blank: January 1, 2017
  • Married to Watthew Waldron
  • 3 Children: Cheyenne, Tessa & Logan

If you have any questions or comments for Sheriff Brock, you can email him at

Sheriff Brock leads a department that has grown to include:

Alger County Jail which can house 52 inmates
Housing agreement with Luce County, housing 18 inmates from Luce County
Alger County's 911 dispatch center, Smart 911 capable

Advanced Life Support E.M.S. system
Medical First Responders in outlying areas of the county
Rescue 21 team, staffed with 13 Sheriff employees, and 15 community volunteers providing rescue services
(boat, hovercraft, 4x4 o.r.v, snowmobile, extraction, dive team, search & rescue)
Patrol Services which incluse traffic, and criminal investigations, along with marine, o.r.v, and snowmobile patrols
Partnership with Alger Correctional Facility for meal service
Community Corrections and Emergency Management support services
School Resource Officers

Alger and Deputy Perry King